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From Gucci loafers and bobby socks to band tees and tennis skirts, Natalie is currently swooning over High Fidelity's Rob (v2, of course).

I tuned into the High Fidelity reboot with some cynicism, resolute in my belief that nothing and no one could outdo John Cusack. Having binge-watched the first (and only - it wasn't renewed) season, I'm a changed woman and not just because the storyline is like a warm hug - the perfect tonic right now - but moreso that Zoe Kravitz' Rob sated my lockdown-starved, sartorial hunger more than a floppy-haired, leather-bedecked Cusack ever could (and that's saying something - still luv u John).

Think Gucci loafers thrown with low-slung, rolled-hem, lavender work trouser, a white tank and open Hawaiian shirt (Kravitz' own, apparently), or worn with white ankle socks (my new fave combination), three-sizes-too-big band tees and micro hems. And the Guccis weren't the only accessory to make a repeat appearance. A pair of battered Vans Old Skools peered out beneath deliciously awkward-length plaid trews and then again with slouchy bobby socks, a pleated skirt and - an homage to John Cusack's 2000 Rob - a vintage Dickies T-shirt.

A notable mention goes to the more-perfect-than-perfect, perfect-fit, perfectly-blue jeans and ringer tee look, made all the more lovely by those platform boots - a custom-made pair based on Kravitz' own, sold-out-everywhere, Helmut Langs, which costume designer Sarah Laux had custom made for the show. For more interesting insights from Laux herself, I recommended checking out this Harper's Bazaar piece.

Otherwise, I'll leave you with some of my favourite Rob-inspired pieces. I've already succumbed to a pair of Vans - just like with the TV show, I'm clearly late to the party.

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